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Video Analysis

Video Analysis

Cost: £90
Duration: 60 Mins
Location: Various (enquire for details)
Times: To suit

From time to time you many wish to have your swims videoed, this has the added benefit of showing your your progression through your swim journey but can also serve to highlight aspects which require amendment to endure your swimming is a progressive and effortless as possible. Our two swim video approach has been proven to be effective in helping swimmers progress.

Video analysis is proven to assist with injury prevention, form improvement and to give a added dimension to your swim training that is cost effective to helping you swim faster for further.

We will film your stroke from multiple angles in both the pool and lake (water clarity permitting), analyse it with you and advise on ways to improve your stroke efficiency and form.

The sessions are 60 mins long and consist of:

Video analysis – Swimmers will swim a pre-designed programme based on their needs as identified by Wild about Swimming. Video can be shown to you poolside to highlight areas that require immediate attention (please bring your glasses poolside should you require them)

Video review – Once dryside we are able to talk you through the analysis and pinpoint key areas that can be improved upon for the development of your swimming.

Second swim – During your second swim we will use our expertise to work through your stroke and technique amendments. Again your session will be videoed so that improvements can be seen

These sessions are pool based and are delivered on a 1-2-1 basis OR 2-2-1 basis

Lake based sessions are also be available at a variety of locations throughout the uk and should you wish to try your technique in the lake this can be arranged