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Kate Sunley


Today at 11:36 PM

Yvonne Mulley
Made history today……….. First time ever, I have swam 2 Lengths of the pool…………. Thanks to Pauline Squire xxx

Graham Argent
December 9, 2014
Its Official!
After today we are going to have to add another accolade for Pauline Squire, as a slayer of dragons! It was early afternoon today when the final prediction of the nay sayers was cut down to size. They said I would never swim in pool, you’re too thin, too weak, forget it, try something else. Well you were wrong but it took someone with real commitment to coaching to make the difference and help me on my way. So I say three cheers for my swim coach Pauline! You are a star! Thank you.

Graham Argent
November 20, 2014
ALL TO READ: important notice!
You may have seen my earlier post about the excellent coaching I have received from Pauline Squire. As a person of good conscience and to recognise good deeds when they are done, I need to express my sincere appreciation to Pauline for keeping me on the straight and narrow. I am ashamed to say that I was very close to throwing in the towel a couple of days ago and leaving swimming behind solely for others to enjoy. I always try to excel at everything I do and it was plain that I was falling short a situation that I am unable to tolerate. Pauline has given me some perspective on how I feel about my progress and the value I should place on my achievements to date. So in summary, I will keep on with swimming as I have come further than I have ever done before and it is time to try to put the past behind me once and for all.

Graham Argent
October 31, 2014
Attention all wild swimmers!
If for me the 28th October was the day of days, this week has been, well amazing. On Tuesday I was able for the first time to swim front crawl in open water. Today I did the same in the pool and tackled my greatest fear that of being completely out of my depth when I am aware how deep the water is – two more firsts. So, were did the confidence come from to achieve these objectives? From having a supportive coach who knows how to adapt their techniques to each individual and shape each person’s training to take account of what makes them who they are.
I would not have made the progress I have without the help and encouragement from Pauline. As it is Halloween, it is fair to say that the ghosts of past failures have finally been laid to rest and about time too. From now on I can build on what I have achieved and look forward to a future where swimming at last will be the part of my life that I always hoped it would be. Now no one has any excuses, if I can do it, anyone can, if you have the right person to help you.

Stuart Hinde I first came across Pauline quite by accident, but what a fantastic piece of good fortune that turned out to be. From her very first words to my canoeing support buddy as I set off on a cold water qualifying swim, she was immediately giving important no-nonsense advice about what he needed to look out for, how to monitor my performance and keep me safe. It didn’t stop there. Whilst she was there to assist others that day, she still made herself available to make sure I got all the right help and treatment once out of the water. Her help and enthusiasm that day (and since) has meant everything. With Pauline’s help and advice, I have gone from 450m cold water swimmer, to 1000m cold water swimmer, and yesterday (subject to official ratification) reached a goal I could’t even have contemplated just a few weeks ago, completing an ‘Ice Mile’. Pauline’s love is clearly outdoor swimming, and this is evident every time I meet her. If you’ve had even the slightest thoughts about taking part in what is such a beautiful sport, what-ever your swimming ability, get in touch with Pauline and she’ll be sure to bring out the very best in you.
March 3, 2014

Graham Argent Thanks to my coach Pauline Squire I have today taken my first real steps into being an open water swimmer. Before today the last time I had been swimming properly was in 1978. Yes, you read that right 1978! So if you would like to swim in open water, then I can wholeheartedly recommend that you contact Pauline, she will take you through the process of learning and take into account all your personal training needs – the things that make you who you are. One size does not fit all (and goes for wetsuits as it does for anything else) and Pauline has many techniques honed over many years that can help you. If you had a bucket list and there could only be one item on it, I say it should be open water swimming. Try it, its something you can do for the rest of your life.
1 · October 28, 2014

Alison Darley People! Get yourself signed up to one of Pauline’s courses. But you’re a friend of Pauline’s, I hear you shout, so you would you would say that. And yes I am a friend but Pauline was my coach first. I have gone from a breaststroke only pool swimmer to a front crawl, confident open water swimmer in no time at all. Pauline instills confidence and above all a love of the water with all her students. So go on… you know you want to.

Jeanette Walker-Guy
April 13
Had a great introduction to open water swimming with coach Pauline Squire, anyone thinking of getting into open water swimming or have signed yourself up to the great north swim should really sign up to do the Introduction To Open Water Swimming course, with Wild About Swimming Ltd. Full of tips, advice, encouragement and laughs to get you on your way. Feeling much more confident about it all, a lot more to this open water swimming than, pulling on a wetsuit and jumping in!!

Sj Loveland Without Pauline’s fab coaching I couldn’t have gone from being able to swim a few lengths in a pool to completing open water events such as the Great North Swim, Great Scottish Swim and the Great London Swim. Pauline believed in me when I didn’t; helped me improve my technique and built my confidence. Thanks to Pauline’s great coaching I am now hooked on open water swimming.
February 18, 2014

Kathryn Ayre Pauline Squire managed my Ice Mile Swim at Ellerton Water Park. Her experience was invaluable and her organisation excellent. When my GPS didn’t work and back up canoe couldn’t keep with me due to the conditions, I really needed someone to tell me what to do. Pauline was there to do that. She gave a comprehensive safety briefing beforehand and collected and submitted my evidence afterwards. Thank you Pauline for a brilliant day, that ran so smoothly. I was so well looked after.
February 18, 2014

Jonty Warneken I can highly recommend Pauline as a swim coach and outdoor swimming mentor. If youre new to the sport, an experience triathlete, a want to be channel swimmer or just want to be a recreational swimmer, or just want to improve to have more fun then go and speak with Pauline. You will get no nonsense advice and coaching and she will get you to where you want to be in a safe and fun manner. She improved my technique so I knocked 5 mins off my mile time in two weeks, and has coached numerous ice mile swimmers to complete the ice mile, including myself who became the worlds first disabled ice mile swimmer. She gets the best out of you but ensures you achieve your potential and does it from a background of knowledge, passion for the sport, experience and has all the qualifications.
1 · February 17, 2014


a massive thank you to Pauline Squire for an amazing session yesterday. I had no idea I could swim that well. I’ve still no idea how you did it – but thanks :o)

Lisa Jobling

Just wanted to say thanks for today and let you know how much I enjoyed myself and was very pleasantly surprised not to be that cold. I really appreciate you looking after us on our initiation, and I hope we didn’t disrupt your training schedule too much. Thanks again.


Training for the Chill Swim in Windermere – December 2013

Thanks for sorting today. Was brilliant. Lovely to meet everyone and want a beautiful place to swim. Apologies for keeping everyone waiting! Looking forward to swimming with you all again soon. Will post my photos tomorrow. XxX

Ella Dunn

really enjoyed the day…… its suprising what you can do when you put your mind to it …..

Adrienne Harris

A very enjoyable day yesterday thank you everyone :-) A new experience for me and great to be in the company of other like minded …………. (Please insert your own appropriate word)

Brian Kinsella

Thank you for introducing me to the delights of swimming in lakes – can’t wait to do it again!

Louise Maguire

I may even try it without a wet suit next time……..then again. Cracking bunch of people, enjoyed every minute of it

Peter Woodward

How FANTASTIC was it. I was fizzing all night. Brilliant, brilliant day and cracking company……apart from that Kinsella guy!! Well done everybody.

Jo Hutchinson

Was brilliant! Really really enjoyed it! Can’t wait to go again

Liz Sochacka

Me too I think we should go twice a month starting 1st jan

Vivienne Forster

It was fun will have to do it more often.

Paul Dobson

Wastwater Weekend (Social Swim) – September 2012

Thank you for organising a lovely swim – I had a great time and am feeling very healthy now!! See you again soon.

Jenny Richardson

Thanks to everyone for a brilliant weekend. Pauline for organizing, Bel for driving and mothering me. Alison Margaret and Shirley for being great company, Scott for picking me up, when most motorists were just giggling at me whilst I walked back along the road. See you all next year I hope

Carol Kearney

“thankyou pauline,,, really enjoyed wastwater yesterday. ur a good arranger and organiser , cheers x”

Maybelle Mckenzie

Pauline – Thanks for organising yet another fab swim. Totally loved crossing the water to the screes and back. Very cold though – not fully warmed up yet and it’s 6.30 am now!!! Such lovely views it was hard to focus in the swimming. Can’t wait to swim it again this time the full length!!

Alison Darley